Is Apple Or Android Better (IPhone Vs Samsung Galaxy)

So you’re sitting there eating nachos and wondering “Should I keep my phone or change to a Samsung/iPhone?” It’s a good questions – with both phones being pretty legendary you could be forgiven for not being sure which is right for you so take the test below to see which one is made for you!

Take The Apple VS Android/Galaxy Test

  • I want the best phone I can get without blowing the budget -> Buy a Galaxy
  • I want the best phone on planet earth -> Buy an iPhone
  • I just want to make calls, take some photos and jump online -> Buy an iPhone
  • I love diving into my phone and maximise it for all it’s worth -> Buy a Galaxy
  • I already haven an iPhone -> Buy an iPhone (apps, photos etc will magically be there!)
  • I just love simple! -> Buy an iPhone

Dig A Little Deeper

It’s basically a case of Apple VS Google (Apple make the iPhone and Google makes the ‘Android‘ you would have heard about). Samsung may make the physical Galaxy phone unit but they load Google Android onto it which runs the phone. In a nutshell Android is great for tech heads and people who want to customise all the settings they can get their hands on. Apple on the other hand is fantastic as ‘just working’ and keeping life simple but powerful.

Personally I love Google and Apple as companies but in this one I side strongly with Apples iPhone as the most legendary phone in the world!

Got your own opinion? Why not post it below! Or if you’re after a cool game for the iPhone try some Fruit Popping Fun!