iPhone 4 Screw Chart A1349 A1332

This iPhone 4 Screw Chart Sorts All 32 Screws Model:A1349, A1332

This iPhone 4 Screw Chart is designed to help you repair your iPhone 4G more easily! It has a place to put all 32 screws and 11 parts involved with repairing your iPhone with clear indicators for where each part and screw goes!

From Ballarat to Broadway – we all have an iPhone so why not give repairing yours a go!

How To Use This IPhone Screw Chart

  • Print the chart onto two A4 or one A3 sheets of paper
  • Cut the white corners out
  • Fold the paper along the green outer edge to form a raised lip so that when you drop screws they can hit the edge rather than rolling away and getting lost
  • When following your iPhone screen replacement guide place each part and screw next to the respective part on Page 1 of the guide

Download iPhone 4 Screw Charts

If you prefer to download and print the screw charts simply click on the links below:



It’s even got a helpful feature of ‘foldable walls’ to help prevent your screws from bouncing away and getting lost!

IPhone 4 Screw Diagram Magnetic Tip

One great tip for this iPhone 4 screw diagram is to print it out and glue it onto a sheet of magnetic board. This is like the stuff that those large flat fridge magnets are printed on.

This way all those little metal screws will stick onto the chart and stay there! The worst thing is when you map our where all your screws go on the guide and then bump the table…

Replace iPhone 4 screen – Full 40min guide

10 min YouTube guide not enough for you? Don’t worry – we’ve made a full 40 minute blow-by-blow video for every step of the process!

Click for the rest of the iPhone screen repair guide

Also if you live near Ballarat why not get your iPhone repaired locally! Just contact us to get it sorted.

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