Apple IPhone 4 Screen Replacement

Before You Start Your IPhone 4 Screen Replacement

So you don’t loose all the screws in the phone (there’s 32 of them!), you can download and print our iPhone 4 screw chart to keep track of them.

Why This Guide Shows Every Step…

This Apple iPhone 4 screen replacement guide shows a lot more detail than many videos which is why it’s over 40 minutes long. It covers many of the issues and questions that you’re like to encounter along the way!

Part 1 – Apple iPhone screen replacement

This guide shows the first half of taking your iPhone apart. We’re not up to the fixing the iPhone section yet but if you take your time here then replacing and rebuilding your iPhone 4 screen should be a real Apple treat!

Part 2 – iPhone 4 screen repair apple

This is the second video in our how to fix iPhone 4 screen replacement guide and shows you how to finish taking it apart.

Part 3 – How to fix iPhone 4 screen replacement

By now you’ve probably realised that an iPhone screen replacement isn’t as easy as fixing a tap! In fact it’s really hard -particularly the first one that you do.

Keep going though as each stage is explained step by step!

Part 4 – iPhone 4 screen repair reassembly

Congrats! You have pulled it apart! Now it’s time to reassemble your Apple iPhone 4!

This video starts with the screen on which is where we left off in part 3.

Part 5 – How to reassemble iPhone 4 screen after repair

10 min YouTube guide not enough for you? Don’t worry – we’ve made a full 40 minute blow-by-blow video for every step of the process!

Click for the rest of the iPhone screen repair guide.

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