Update Carrier Settings IPhone

What Are Carrier Settings?

All iPhones are the same – well almost anyway. There’s a very small setting that tells the iPhone whether it can only use a SIM card from a particular carrier such as Telstra, Verizon or Vodafone. These are called Carrier Settings.

When Do I Update My Carrier Settings?

When you unlock an iPhone from it’s current carrier an update is required on your iPhone to complete the process. They ask you to wait 72 hours after they do their end of it and then plug your iPhone into iTunes to complete the unlock process. This is to give it a chance to ping the network and update its Carrier Settings so say that the phone can now connect to any network.

In reality this might be as short as a few hours and can now be done using the data plan on your SIM card! See the guide below for the full specs:


How To Update Carrier Settings IPhone

Option 1 – Just Tap Settings

You need to have data enabled on your SIM card for this to work.

After a few hours have passed go to Settings > General > About if look to see if there’s an update there. If so just install it and your iPhone will be unlocked and ready to go!

You legend – ready to go!

Option 2 – Swap SIM card

Periodically just remove your SIM card and put it back in again. If the iPhone asks you ‘Do you want to updated your carrier settings’ then tap Yes and it will finish the unlock off for you.

 Nice one! Job Done!

Option 3 – Using iTunes

This is the traditional way of updating your carrier settings on your iPhone before the newer releases of IOS.

  • Start iTunes
  • Plug your iPhone into the computer
  • If it doesn’t prompt you automatcially just tap on the device – probably labelled iPhone
  • When the prompt An update to the carrier settings for your iPhone is available. Would you like to download it now? appear click on Download and Update
  • After a short moment it should come up saying Your iPhone carrier settings were updated successfully

Congratz! You have just updated your carrier settings!